Writing for an audience vs. writing for myself

There’ s so much talk about finding an audience and then writing for them and the counter to that is writing a story and hoping to find an audience.

I think people who can find the audience and then write for them are brilliant – Ron Weasley style!

But, I can’t do it. I feel dishonest to myself. Do I think that everyone wants my stories? Do I think that my writing will float through the mainstream, gathering momentum and attention by the millions? Of course not. When asked to classify one of my short stories, Skinny Minnie, into a genre, I just stare blankly – ummm…

I have no elevator speech.

But, I do know that when I sit down to write, things come out. I would like to think that some of those things will resonate with someone somewhere, and for that, I will keep putting the stories out there.

I can’t worry about genre or what sells. I just have to worry about being honest, being authentic, getting my words out, and hoping to find some kindred souls along the way.

About melindamcguirewrites

The young man or woman writing today has forgotten the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which alone can make good writing because only that is worth writing about, worth the agony and the sweat. ------ William Faulkner, Nobel Prize Speech, Stockholm, 1950
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