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New Short Story – Amazon – Excerpt “A Relationship As It Dies”

An excerpt … Some people sever a relationship and some people sever each other. A twisted short story about a break up that doesn’t go as planned. A Relationship as It Dies It is raining; of course, it is always … Continue reading

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One of many – eBook publishing advantages – Revisions

Since writing, editing, revising, editing and revising again Josephine: Red Dirt and Whiskey, I’ve decided to pull it from Amazon’s shelf and complete a thorough revision. The story line will stay the same, but there are changes in the craft … Continue reading

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Fragments, Run-ons, and the Death of a Plant

I have had many teachers throughout my life. Some have been good teachers, and some have been not so good. Out of all the teachers I have ever had, I have only had ONE excellent teacher. What I learned from … Continue reading

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