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Banana Split for My Baby, a Glass of Plain Water for Me – My muse looks a lot like Louis Prima these days

photo credit: rizkapb via photo pin cc     Legend – The Story of the Lotierie Family We are nearing the end of JuNoWriMo/CampNaNoWriMo. I’m 10k behind on my word count, but I’m a glutton for punishment and an overachiever a multi-tasker, … Continue reading

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Southern Creatives – Kara Stewart – Photographer, Writer

  This week, I am honored to have an interview with an amazing photographer, talented writer and an all around creative and talented person – Kara Stewart. So, now … on with the questions: When did you start photography and what drew you to it? … Continue reading

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Southern Creatives – Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” Grows in Red Dirt Music

photo credit: Isolino via photo pin cc The Connection Between Southern Gothic Literature and Red Dirt Music Interested in cute little songs about young love or the joy of living? What about reading stories where the guy always gets the girl? If … Continue reading

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Creativity and Fear

“It’s not the critic who counts…” If the critic doesn’t count, why do their negative voices bother us so much? I’m being a little selfish today and writing something to HELP ME. I hope that it helps you too. photo … Continue reading

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Shadows of New Orleans by Annette Moore, 1938

  Just wanted to share a photo I fell in love with this morning. From the Library of Congress, this photo is by Annette Moore – Shadows of New Orleans, 1938 (Prints and Photographs Division, 29b)

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Overcome by a Pantster Attack

My Pantster Tendencies Won — this round Day 13 of JuNoWriMo/ CampNaNoWriMo (50k words in 30 days), and my innner Pantster won. I tried three different stories – all three I planned out, mapped, strategized, created character arcs, character profiles, … Continue reading

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Southern Creatives – Andi Kay Klemm – Southern Fiction Fan

With a name like Andi Kay and a grandmother not in the least bit shy about her Alabama roots, it should be no surprise that I come from a long line of back woods southern names like Lona Mae, Veramer, … Continue reading

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