Hairspray. The True Story Behind Its Demise in the South

Part I:

Unfortunately most stereotypes find at least some of their roots in fact. I think you are probably familiar with the gravity defying bouffant of the Southern belle. If not, let me tell you some true (as in I was an eye-witness to it) stories of some larger than life hairdos.

My mother had this hairdo that was like the Barbie hair color. Not the regular Barbie. The Krystle Barbie (from Dynasty – remember Dynasty?!) is similar to my mom’s hair style during the height of hairspray usage. Now, my mom’s hair was bigger on the top, but you get the idea. One of the many amazing elements of my mom’s hairsprayed coif was that her hair became water repellant.

How do I know? She never, ever got her hair wet when we went swimming or played in the yard with the water hose or even when it rained. This was amazing. The water seemed to move away from her hair, as if the hairspray created some sort of barrier around her entire head. It was incredible. Of course, no one was allowed to touch her hair. The thought of playing beauty salon when I was a child with my mother was completely ludicrous. No one came near her hair except for her hair stylist and her. I am not sure what all she did to her hair to achieve the look she was after, but I do know that it involved a great deal of cans of aerosol hairspray, a ratting comb, a curling iron, blow dryer, and a pick… That is all I am at liberty to share with the public about my mother’s hair.

Part II – what does a flat iron, curling iron, dresser and hairspray have to do with junior high school? More than you might imagine…


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