Southern Creatives – Kaci Woodrome, photographer and owner of Sweet Southern Style Photography

I’m happy to have photographer, Kaci Woodrome, as a guest on Southern Creatives this week.

Kaci is the owner of Sweet Southern Style Photography

Kaci’s philosophy is “Delightful photography, simple philosophy: Life is sweet!”

Sweet Southern Style Photography by Kaci Woodrome

My name is Kaci and I’m the woman behind the lens of Sweet Southern Style Photography. I’m thoroughly obliged to be a guest of Melinda’s on the blog {like how I snuck in that really southern word?} and plan to delve into my southern roots to explore how my family inspires my creativity.

Photography by Kaci Woodrome

My family’s history in the south extends farther back than I’m really even aware, but what I can tell you is that both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are still alive and well at 92 and 95 respectively. That, in and of itself, lends itself to creativity in my book because of the gajillion stories I’ve heard from them that nearly span a century. A century! That’s nuts. What’s even better though is that their lives have been very different. One was raised on a farm, grew up with nine other siblings, and walked to school barefoot (you know the story). The other only had one sibling and her father worked in the natural gas industry. So their unique personalities, different walks of life, and love have helped form my passion for creativity and history.

Do you consider yourself a “southern” photographer or a photographer who happens to be located in the south?

I’d have to say I’m a“southern” photographer through and through. If I had the opportunity to live elsewhere, I’m not sure I would ever leave the south much less Texas.

As far as how my southern heritage is represented through my photography, I think it’s perhaps the simple/clean nature of my editing style. Not to say that we southerners are simple, but instead that we are straightforward and vibrant naturally.

Photograph by Kaci Woodrome

What do you see as your greatest talent as a photographer?

I think this is the most difficult question to answer, and probably for any artist, because we are the harshest critics of our work. I actually don’t think my talent as a photographer has anything to do with the way I take pictures, but rather the way I treat my clients because I am honest and humble. I want them to feel comfortable around me and in front of the camera, but the most important thing is that they have a great experience from the moment they schedule a session to the day they receive their images.

Are there areas of photography that you would like to explore that you haven’t yet? If so, what are they?

I’d like to work on capturing more candid moments. It may seem like a simple task, but that’s not always the case. At this point though, I’d really love to improve on all areas of portrait photography because I feel like each genre presents a unique set of challenges.

Photo by Kaci Woodrome

What are your favorite subjects for photographs? Why?

Aside from my beautiful daughter, I love photographing high school seniors and I’ve had some great experiences with newborns recently. But I think more than anything else, my favorite subjects would probably be a bride and groom on their wedding day. The love they share for one another spills over to everyone throughout the day and there’s nothing but happiness to capture.

What do you think is the most photogenic area in the south and why?

I cannot necessarily speak for the rest of the south, but the greatest part about Texas is that you can find almost any natural backdrop imaginable: beautiful rivers and creeks; wide open fields with tall, golden grass; the rolling hills of “God’s country”; the beaches along the Gulf Coast; and the deep, piney woods of east Texas.

One of my favorite places to shoot is my hometown of Humble {pronounced without the H}. My father’s parents owned a general store on Main Street in downtown, so the rustic buildings and staircases often remind me of their former presence in this town.

And, of course, let’s not forget Houston, which is only about 20 minutes south of Humble. Houston has some wonderful architectural backdrops and very urban settings as well, not to mention stunning century-old Oak trees. So basically, Texas is a photographer’s dream (as long as you’re willing to drive – Texas is BIG!).

 Many thanks to Kaci for being my guest on Southern Creatives this week. To find out more about Kaci, visit her blog here.


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  1. Reblogged this on Anakalian Whims and commented:
    Same photographer that brought you the Half Price Books Humble Wedding Raffle in June!

  2. Alex Khoo says:

    Very inspiring photos here! I love the first picture! Thanks for posting here!!

  3. Barbara says:

    I just love the photo of the baby (smiling?) and the boy in the water. I had never heard of Humble, so I learnt something today.

    • The photo of the baby was also my favorite! She sent several for me to choose from for the post, and it was difficult – which is always a good thing!
      Thanks for stopping by, Barbara. I’m always delighted when you visit 🙂

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