Josephine Inspired Recipe – Great Depression Cooking – Drying Corn

Food from Josephine: Red Dirt and Whiskey

In rural northeast Texas (the setting for Josephine: Red Dirt and Whiskey), not much changed in people’s lives during the Great Depression.

Most people lived off the land, growing their own gardens, raising crops and farm animals. Clothes were sewn by hand and passed down, and then repurposed. They were recycling before it was fashionable.

One way families preserved their food (besides canning) was to dry their vegetables.

Often, people would gather the crops, such as corn, from their gardens, clean them, and with corn, cut it off the cob.

Then, they would spread the corn on something metal, if possible, cover it with cheesecloth to keep the bugs away and put it in the sun to dry.

The preserved corn could be stored for a long period of time and had a different taste than fresh corn or canned corn.

photo credit: Muffet via photo pin cc

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4 Responses to Josephine Inspired Recipe – Great Depression Cooking – Drying Corn

  1. This was interesting. I love learning about the old ways of doing things. Neat post!

    • Laura,
      Thanks! I love getting to know this part of the characters – their daily lives, their routines. I enjoyed researching the movies during that time period and the music. I also did research on canning and gardening in northeast Texas during the Great Depression. Yes, I am openly admitting it, I think I may be a bit on the nerdish side ;-p

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