Southern Creatives – Tracy Kaufmann, @KauffmanTracy

Interview with author, Tracy Kaufmann – this week’s guest on Southern Creatives

Southern Creatives Interview - Tracy Kaufmann

1. Do you consider yourself a southern writer or a writer who happens to be from the south? What is the difference?

I  am a southern author and one that writes about living in the south.  My manner of speech and use of words is completely southern.  I hope people can over look how I sound and the words I say.  My editor had to correct me on the use of the word “till”  recently, it was suppose to be “until”.  Also, I used the word “snuck” instead of “sneaked”, and had to be corrected again.

2. How does living in the south shape your creative process?

I ‘m sure you have read and heard stories of people from the south.  Their speech, their “no care” attitude and southern slang.  I believe we invent words and use them in everyday talk that a northern would not understand.  My husband is from Indiana and he is starting to get adjusted, finally after twenty years.  I believe living in the south, being around the country, and my grandmother has taught me things that you can’t learn from books.  I write about the south in my book, Southern Adventures .  It is still in production, but hopefully will be out by September.

3. You have a new book coming out soon. Do you listen to music while you brainstorm new ideas for your books? If so, what do you listen to and why?

My Boyfriend the Squire  will be coming out shortly and they are already taking preorders for that one.  Then Southern Adventures will be next. My book, Gwendolyn’s Wish,  is currently out in print and will be in ebook form in a couple of days. It is a great children’s book about a young girl with no friends until she meets her neighbor and receives a parrot that can grant wishes.  You’ll have to read it to see what she wishes for.  I had a dream and that is where I got the idea for this book.  Pretty amazing story.

I don’t listen to music when I write.  I like for it to be quiet.  Usually I stay up late at night and when everything is quiet, then I write.

Book cover, Tracy Kaufmann's children's book - Gwendolyn's Wish

4. Most inspiring place to visit in the South and why?

I  would say Atlanta, Georgia.  We have been there several times, the culture is great, the amount of restaurants, shops, historical landmarks, and it has a theme park.

5. Favorite southern author or novel?

Gone with The Wind, by Margaret Mitchell.

Thanks, Tracy, for being the guest on this week’s feature of Southern Creatives!

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Sites to order her books: SBPRA Tracy Kaufmann  and Amazon

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  1. I was in Atlanta once. It was like a whole different world. Nice interview. I enjoyed reading this post.

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