Southern Creatives – Missouri Mile, @MissouriMile

Country Music Duo - Missouri Mile

Missouri Mile performing at The Red Rooster in Nashville, TN

Please welcome country music duo – Missouri Mile – to Southern Creatives this week.

I am so excited to have them here.

I LOVE music! And, southern music? Absolutely.

So, here is this week’s interview with Sheila and  Sheena – Missouri Mile.

1) What does your creative process involve when you are writing new songs?

It seems to different every time to be honest. Sheena is really great with coming up with rhythms, melodies and one liners, while I am more of a word or story person. Often Sheena will come to me with a great melody and say we should write something to this. Other times she will just have a great opening line or hook and the rest will come together. In the case of (the song) “I won’t beg you to love me”, I just knew of a situation and simply said, “why would you beg somebody to love you”..we were both like “that should be a song.”

2) What is your favorite part of performing live and why?

I guess Sheena has recently said it best. She was playing a couple of weeks ago and tried out a song we just wrote called “He’ll have another”, as she made her way to the first chorus she could hear people in the crowd saying “this song is awesome, it should be on the radio”.. etc…

Basically, it is so encouraging for everyday hard working people to spend what little free time they have with you. On top of that to hear them say they can relate to what you are is just a great feeling.

 3) What has surprised you the most about following your passion as singers and songwriters?

I’m not sure if it is surprising, but it is a roller coaster of emotions. Music is our love, our passion, our dream. It seems bigger than the both of us to think that this could ever happen. Then again, we never dreamed we would be compared to our idols “The Judds” in magazines so we have to hang in there. It is a tough road to head down, but we can’t imagine taking any other path. If we never achieve the ultimate, we will certainly feel accomplished in even being compared to The Judds.

4) How did you decide on the country music genre?

We grew up in a home of records playing Skeeter Davis, Patsy Cline, Lorretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Jim Ed Brown – I could go on and on. On top of that, my dad and his brothers had a band called “The Family Tradition.”

We grew up playing in little taverns like “Dog Prairie” in St Paul, Missouri. Those great little mom and pop taverns are all over, and they are just filled with family, friends and love. I remember being about 7 years old singing at the “Dog Prairie” and the owner, Gene Dames, would walk over and hand me a Yoo-hoo and beef jerky when I was finished singing. Funny thing is, we now sing for even less sometimes. You better love it or it may not ever be worth it.

5) What is the inspiration behind the name “Missouri Mile”?

We get asked this often. We really love the name and the story behind it. We really wanted to represent our Missouri roots so that part of the name is easy to explain. “Mile” on the other hand I guess has several meanings to us personally. My dad raised all four of us kids and there was alot of work that went in to that. He still found the time to sit down and show us a few chords on the guitar and play us the start of a song idea he had. Our family is crazy close, and it was hard to pack up and move to Nashville and follow this dream. With every tear that falls from disappointment or excitement, with every word of critisism or encouragement, with every mile that is behind or ahead of us…we learn and we love. Still not sure if I answered your question, but the mile is just everything that you go through to get from one place to the next.


Country Music Duo Missouri Mile cd release party

Missouri Mile Jive and Wail release party

 6) What is your current Kickstarter campaign?

We have been writing for the past year and have a great collection that we want to get out to everyone. Unfortunately we just don’t have the means right now. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise the funds it will take. We really hope to make everyone that has supported us, proud one day.

How can people get involved?

You can go to this website,, or Missouri Mile on Facebook. Click on the link and pledge to help. We appreciate it more than anyone will ever know.

And, what’s next for Missouri Mile? . If we can get this funding and get this album out, who’s to say what will happen. We hope to play out more and get our new stuff out to the magazines and labels and see what happens!!!

Thanks to Missouri Mile for being my guest this week on Southern Creatives!

Click on the link to hear their song – I Am a Song

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  1. Very nice and talented. Rhythm. Not always that easy.

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