Rich Fabric, the anthology, and Jacobean Applique

I wanted to share some of the photos that are included in the anthology, Rich Fabric, which launches tomorrow, 9/28.

The photos in the paperback are black and white, but these full color versions will be included in the ebook version, which comes out in December of this year.

Jacobean Quilt Block by Linda McDaniel


The above photo is a Jacobean Applique tulip. Before I interviewed Linda McDaniel, the quilter who made these quilt blocks, I knew NOTHING about Jacobean Applique.

After talking to Ms. McDaniel at length about this technique and seeing her materials, quilt blocks in progress and completed quilt blocks, I can say honestly, these are beautiful works of art.

Completed flower

The above photo is an example of the pieces of a quilt block being pinned in place before stitching begins. (And, every piece, EVERY PIECE, is hand stitched!)

Completed quilt block showing the ornate colors and swirling, curving lines indicative of the Jacobean technique.

I learned a lot in the process of compiling and editing this anthology, both about creating an anthology and about the art and craft of quilting.

I am so thankful to the contributors for sharing their talents!

Rich Fabric is a compilation of short stories, memoirs, essays, historical facts, quotes and black and white photos about the tradition, symbolism and culture of quilting. All profits from the sale of Rich Fabric are donated to the Twilight Wish Foundation – a non-profit charity that grants wishes to senior citizens who live below the poverty level.

Click here to purchase the paperback copy of the anthology – Rich Fabric.

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