Southern Creatives – Brian Howell, Musical Heresy

Playing Flamenco guitar at Salon Verve in Tyler, Texas

Playing Flamenco guitar at Salon Verve in Tyler, Texas

I am excited to have Brian Howell of Musical Heresy as my guest on Southern Creatives!

1) Tell us how you developed your sound as a musician. How did being from Texas influence your sound (if it did)?

As a musician, I’m always looking and listening for new sounds. I try to weave a rich tapestry of sounds that speak to my soul and my current project reflects this sentiment. I’m unsure if hailing from Texas has shaped my sound, although I’m sure that Austin has influenced my weird sound quite a bit with the collaborations I’ve done with fellow musicians there.

Playing Bozuki at a Starbuck's coffee house in Longview

Playing Bozuki at a Starbuck’s coffee house in Longview

2) Do you consider yourself to be a Southern musician or would you classify yourself as someone who is a musician who lives in the South?

This is a tough question to answer, honestly. I’m probably somewhere in-between, as I was born and raised in North East Texas and this is definitely my home; but my sound is not typical of other musicians in the area nor is it what most people would consider ‘southern’ music. Still, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else than the Piney Woods.

Playing the dilruba at the Four Winds Ren Faire in Tyler, Texas

3) Favorite musician/song?

Definitely Leonard Cohen and his entire catalog of work. The music is always intriguing with his melange of instrumentation and his lyrics always have a way of touching a memory or feeling to which I can relate.

4) Favorite Southern food/restaurant?

Likely El Sombrero Mexican restaurant of Longview, Texas and I’m a big fan of Tex-Mex and other international cuisine.

5) Favorite Southern vacation spot?

Hands-down this would have to be Austin, Texas. No matter what my mood, there is something new and wonderful to experience every time I visit!

6) In honor of summertime, do you have any favorite childhood memories that are set in the south?

This would have to be when I was a young child and having to visit Galveston every summer with my parents. I was diagnosed a type-I diabetic in the late eighties and they took me to the teaching hospital there to have my check-ups and medications adjusted. Even though it was unpleasant being poked and prodded, when the tests were over I got to see the gulf, eat seafood, and spend relaxing time with my parents, who are now both deceased. Those are some of the fondest memories I have.

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