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Brandon Luffman, author

Southern Creatives welcomes Brandon Luffman

1) Tell us about your current novel, Frostwalker.

Frostwalker is a survival horror novel set in a small rural town in northwestern North Carolina. Jake Marsden, the protagonist, is a geeky sort of guy who would prefer to spend his time playing video games with his friend Eric and running his small computer programming business. However, Jake has been plagued by a recurring dream – a dream that has been growing more and more vivid and which has begun to have serious effects on his life. In the dream, a mysterious light in the forest has been calling to him, and he finds himself walking the fields behind his home nightly. When strange things begin happening to him, he turns to Eric for help and the two set out to determine just what’s in those woods. Meanwhile, trouble is coming to Jake’s hometown. An ancient evil has awakened and the weather is beginning to turn for the worse. When a freak blizzard strikes, and the dead begin to walk, Jake and his friends will get a chance to answer the eternal geek question: When the zombie apocalypse comes, will I be a survivor – or a victim?


Frostwalker Cover Art

Frostwalker Cover Art


2) Do you consider yourself to be a Southern writer or would you classify yourself as someone who is a writer who lives in the South?

I suppose I think of myself as a writer who lives in the South. However, when we write, our stories are built from our own experiences. So, even if it’s not a central part of the story, my life in the South has always impacted my work. For example, in January I released a short story entitled The Card. That story isn’t explicitly set in the South, but in my mind, that’s where it takes place, even if the location isn’t really integral to the story.

3) Favorite writer/novel?

It’s really hard for me to pin down a single favorite. I tend to think of Stephen King as my favorite author, although Dean Koontz is a really close second – and King has been slipping lately! But there are a lot of different writers who I enjoy a great deal. As for a favorite novel, I don’t think I could pick just one. There are just too many great books out there!

4) Favorite Southern food/restaurant?

My favorite Southern food is probably hamburger steaks. Not sure if that really counts, but for those who don’t know, “hamburger steaks” are basically just fried hamburger patties. But, instead of eating them on a bun, you eat them like a steak, with brown gravy and mashed potatoes. Man, that’s good eatin’!

5) Favorite Southern vacation spot?

There’s so many great places to vacation in the South, it’s hard to pick just one. A couple I’ve really loved are Topsail Island on the North Carolina coast and Tweetsie Railroad, which is a western-styled theme park in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. But, I think my current favorite vacation is where we go as a family every Labor Day weekend: Dragon*Con! We’ve gone to D*C (in Atlanta, Georgia) almost every year for the past four or five years and it’s always a blast!

6) In honor of summertime, do you have any favorite childhood memories that are set in the south?

When I was a kid, summer was always my favorite time of year – it still is! As a child, the woods and fields around my parents’ home were my playground. I spent endless hours exploring, catching crawdads in the creek, playing soldier with dirt clod grenades, and slaying dragons with whatever convenient stick-sword I picked up. But, sometimes the best memories are just the times spent lying on the carpet in a sunny spot, daydreaming.


Thanks to Brandon for being a guest on Southern Creatives! Here is his contact information and the details for buying his book. 

Brandon Luffman:

(Email available through blog contact page.)



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