Southern Creatives #STHRN

2017 – Let’s catch up …

If you participated in the Southern Creatives project, please send me an email with an update on your work and activities. I’d love to do an update on everyone and link to your current work. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has been creating!

Be sure to put your name and Southern Creatives in the subject line.

melindamcguirewrites @ y a h o o . com

2013 – Southern Creatives

Interested in being a guest on Southern Creatives? Email me – melindamcguirewrites @

Guest Post – What Happens at Eudora’s Stays at Eudora’s by T from Traveling with T – @rockstar1023 – 8/9

Brandon Luffman – @BrandonRLuffman – writer – 7/18

Brian Howell, Musical Heresy – musician – 6/24

John Davis, Jr. – @poetjohndavisjr – poet, professor – 4/15

Caleb Pirtle – @CalebPirtle – former newspaper journalist, travel writer, found of Venture Galleries – 2/25/2013

Les Kerr – @LesKerr – Southern writer, musician – 2/11/2013


What did Southern Creatives do in a year (7 months, actually)?

I started Southern Creatives at the end of May, 2012, with a guest post by Robyn Leatherman The One AM Pen – who was my “guinea pig.” From May 22, 2012, until the last Southern Creatives post of the year on December 3 (Janet Nodar), Southern Creatives hosted 19 people/groups who are actively producing creative works about the South or who are located in the South.

7 months – 23 posts including 2 reports from the road: Half Price Books in Humble, Texas, (hosted by the absolutely delightful Andi Klemm) and the Grand Festival of Books in Fairhope, Alabama. And 2 posts where I ventured off on my own rabbit trails – Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” and Red Dirt Music and My Grandma, The Price is Right, and Cats in Heat.

Writers, magazine editors, musicians, photographers all came over to visit on Southern Creatives, and I’ve loved every second of it!

So, here’s to catching up with “old” friends, meeting new ones, and continuing to discover and support people who are part of the SOUTHERN CREATIVES movement! Happy 2013!!


If YOU are a Southern creative type – either living in the South or creating art about the South – and you are interested in being featured on Southen Creatives, send me an email melindamcguirewrites at yahoo dot com.

Fabulous Featured People of Southern Creatives:

May 22 – Robyn Leatherman – author of Summer Rain

May 29 – Rhonda Dennis – author of The Green Bayou Novels series

June 5 – Elaine Walsh, author of Atomic Summer

June 12 – Andi Klemm, reader, southern fiction fan

June 19 – Update – Faulkner’s “Rose for Emily” Grows in Red Dirt Music

June 26 – Kara Stewart, photographer, writer

July 3 – Tonya Rice, author, southern fiction fan

July 10 – My Grandma, The Price is Right and cats in heat

July 17 – Kaci Woodrome, photographer and owner of Sweet Southern Style Photography

July 24 – Ruth C. White, southern author

July 31 – News from the road – update from the Southern Saturday book signing, book bundle giveaway and meet and greet at Half Price Books in Humble, TX, on July 28 from 1-3.

August 7 – Tamara Welch, Rowan Oak and Oxford, MS, from a book lover’s point of view.

August 14 – Lisa Olsen, writing outside the comfort zone – how a writer of the supernatural from the Pacific Northwest tried out southern fiction.

August 21 – Erin Z. Bass, editor, Deep South Magazine

August 28 – Kat Kennedy, southern author

September 4 – Tracy Kaufmann, author

September 10 – Missouri Mile, Southern Duo

September 17 – Nita Risher McGlawn, southern poet

September 24 – Pamela Cable, southern author

October 1 – Louisa Dang, southern author

October 8 – News from the road – The Grand Festival of Books, Fairhope, AL.

October 15 – VACATION

October 22 – Jim Booth, southern author

December 3 – Janet Nodar, southern poet/writer


I’m looking for YOU!

Are you a southern writer, poet, artist, crafter, photographer, illustrator, musician who either produces creative works about the South or lives in the South?

If you are interested in doing a guest post for Southern Creatives or being interviewed or have a book you would like me to review – contact me here: melindamcguirewrites @ yahoo . com

You can find information about Southern Creatives on Twitter under the hash tag #STHRN

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come back soon!

24 Responses to Southern Creatives #STHRN

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  3. Onisha says:

    Love this idea. My co-blogger would be an interesting person. She is a wrtier as well as an artist. If you want you can read some of her posts on our blog and her art link is on our blog roll. We are

  4. Onisha says:

    Sorry for the typo

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  6. Tuesday, May 22, Southern Creatives will feature an interview with author, Robyn Leatherman, about her debut novel Summer Rain with a giveaway!

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  10. Kat Kennedy says:

    I love that you are doing this! I am self-publishing my novella, Flamingo Funeral, in the Fall and would appreciate a review. I am a member of several Writer’s groups in the Mobile, AL area and have published poetry in state and Gulf Coast publications.
    You can read an excerpt from FF on my website. I have read the story at several ensues around town and it has been well received. It has been called a “wild ride ” and “hilarious tale about a Southern con-man’s funeral” by regional author’s. I will send you the full manuscrIpt if you are interested.

  11. sarabluesky says:

    What a great site you have created! There is so much talent in the South, especially in Oxford where I lived for 19 years (now in Tupelo). It is always wonderful to see and hear the work of Southern creatives.

    • Hi Sara!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you’ll check back in a few weeks from now – there will be a guest post by Tamara Welch about Rowan Oak in Oxford. I’m excited to read it 🙂

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  16. This may be intrepid water swelling my writer’s ego – I.e., am I on a sinking ship? – but seriously considering shooting you off an email including attachment. If you’re still interested I’ll try to send off a short about 1950’s (pre-inside plumbing) southern life on a farm.

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  19. Love, love, love this idea. What a wonderful way to connect these awesome people!

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