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Southern Creatives – Brian Howell, Musical Heresy

I am excited to have Brian Howell of Musical Heresy as my guest on Southern Creatives! 1) Tell us how you developed your sound as a musician. How did being from Texas influence your sound (if it did)? As a … Continue reading

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Create – Why do you do it?

photo credit: e-magic via photopin cc   Are you a writer? A poet? An artist? Photographer? Musician? Artist? Sculptor? Why? Why do you create the art that you do? Some people say they “have to” create. Why? What happens to … Continue reading

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Les Kerr – Southern Musician, Writer – Southern Creatives #STHRN @LesKerr

I am delighted to have Les Kerr as my guest today on Southern Creatives. He’s the first featured person of 2013, and I think he sets a wonderful tone for a year full of dynamic, creative people! So, on with … Continue reading

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Big fish? Little fish? Whale?

photo credit: trollhare via photopin cc photo credit: Phil’s 1stPix via photopin cc OR photo credit: Michael Dawes via photopin cc How are your goals shaping up for 2013? Are you aiming to be the big fish in the little … Continue reading

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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity

photo credit: DUCKofD3ATH via photopin cc 6 Easy Ways to Boost Creativity 1. Reward Curiosity Follow your curiosity. Use Google and Bing to find out about your interests. Follow the rabbit trail for a bit (use a timer to keep … Continue reading

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I will never be a musician

Ignore the facts that I cannot sing and have no musical talent whatsoever – Besides those things (those pesky little things!), I will never be a musician because … I couldn’t get back on the bus after the show. After … Continue reading

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Johnny Carson and Heart – an exploration of my (goofy) childhood

It’s an interesting week in the Pop Culture realm. Heart and Johnny Carson and me photo credit: dogwelder via photopin cc Heart released their biography “Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock & Roll” and they have … Continue reading

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