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What’s with this inner Hallmark Channel voice in my writing?!

photo credit: zen via photopin cc     I’ve lost Faulkner and gained a Lifetime movie… Ugh. I don’t know what has happened to me, but I’m not pleased. Has my muse changed shape? If so, no offense, but I’d … Continue reading

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So yeah … about that NaNoWriMo thing

Well… It’s not looking good for NaNo. I won’t say impossible (only because I never say that word), but things were off to a non-existent start for such as huge part of November that I thought I wouldn’t get anything … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Moved In

If you’ve followed this blog or read some of my posts, you’ve probably gathered that I don’t usually have writer’s block. That doesn’t mean that what I write is stellar, but it does mean that USUALLY I have something to … Continue reading

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