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Southern Rain

The storms are coming “And it will never cease to amaze me how a little rain can drive folks crazy …” – Cowboy Junkies, Southern Rain Spring in the South means new life – blossoms & blooms and violent storms. Warm … Continue reading

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Kate Chopin & the ‘Cadian Ball

“Alcée reached the ball very late, of course—too late for the chicken gumbo which had been served at midnight.” – ‘Cadian Ball, Kate Chopin, 1892     ‘Cadian Ball by Kate Chopin  is so packed with information it takes a few readings … Continue reading

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Thanks for the memories…

I had the wonderful opportunity to guest post on The Introverted Reader’s “Saturdays in the South” and I thoroughly enjoyed strolling down memory lane. Want to find out what pancakes, coffee, beauty shops, Waylon Jennings and Fried Green Tomatoes have in … Continue reading

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Here’s to you, Rosaline – Happy Valentine’s Day & aren’t you glad you’re not Juliet

It’s Valentine’s Day – let’s give a little love to Rosaline… Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Well, right now, I’m pretty much stalking you, Juliet. But, about 5 hours ago, I was so in love with Rosaline that I … Continue reading

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Post NaNoWriMo Depression and (hopefully) the Road to Recovery

Life during NaNoWriMo Here’s how my November went: Every day, goal of writing at least 1700 words culminating in 50k+ words on Nov. 30. I had this sense of urgency – get it done, make it happen, meet the goal. … Continue reading

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A Short Story for You – A Relationship As It Dies

From now until March 31, 2012, you can download the short story A Relationship As It Dies for free on Smashwords. Enter this code – TE56D for your free download.   An excerpt to whet your appetite:   A Relationship … Continue reading

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Romantics are dead – long live romantics

Valentine’s Day, we meet again, my old friend… Sometimes it is easier to figure out something by looking at what it is not. If you look at the antonyms for romantic, here’s what you get – practical, realistic, probable. That about sums it … Continue reading

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Tell me a story …

    What is it that makes us love to read? As a writer, reading makes me better at my craft – yes. Of course, but that’s not why I read. That’s just an added bonus. I have always loved … Continue reading

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